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Welcome to Russia!

Добро пожаловать в Москву!

Travelling around Russia with the family of Muscovites 

We'd like to offer:

- meeting you and seeing you off at the airport or at the railway terminal

- travelling with you around Moscow by our car or by public transport

- showing you the sights, going to the theatres and to interesting events with you

- travelling with you around Russia by our car or by public transport

- individual developing of your travel plan 

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Семья москвичей - ваш туристический помощник в Москве и в поездках по городам России  

- мы встречаем и провожаем наших гостей в аэропорту или на вокзале и помогаем с трансфером в гостиницу или на квартиру

- заботимся об экскурсионной, культурной и деловой программах

- ездим с гостями по Золотому кольцу и в другие города России 

план поездки мы создаём совместно с гостями 

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Our weekend tour to Kirzhach – Zarechye – Alexandrov

Meet the reviving Russian province: Kirzhach - the Phoenix bird of our time

Discover Kirzhach - the ancient city of silk merchants, skillful carvers-arguns, copper-smelters and astronauts, coming to life from hibernation and turning into a new tourist destination!


We invite you to a joint trip to Kirzhach on November 30, 2019 - to one of the most unknown ancient Russian cities, undeservedly deprived of the attention of mass tourists, reviving from hibernation, thanks to the efforts of city enthusiasts and patrons.

Valery, our Kirzach tour guideValery, our Kirzach tour guideValery, our wonderful tour guide, will introduce Kirzhach to us. She will give us a fascinating atmospheric tour of her hometown, the main attraction of which is the ancient Annunciation Convent, founded by St. Sergius of Radonezh in 1358.

The guide will tell us about the rich historical past of the city, about the origin and development of silk weaving and carpentry, about the production of copper-brass products, about the leading role of merchants and entrepreneurs in the development of the city.

We'll learn about Yevgeny Fyodorov, the most famous entrepreneur and philanthropist in Kirzhach, a winemaker, writer, producer, restaurateur, scientist, creator of museums and monuments, who calls his hometown "the whole universe" that can be made a “tourist Mecca”, and who believes that it’s necessary to create 16 attractions in it.

Through the efforts of Yevgeny Fyodorov and at the expense of his funds, the merchant part of the city with houses, taverns, and stone-paved streets is being restored in the city. He has already created 13 tourist attractions. 

We will see many of them. Including the only in Russia Copper and Brass Museum  and the Museum of Argun carvers, the houses of merchants Marayev, Karabanov and Doctor Krasovsky, the Sovienok children's theater, as well as a wooden pedestrian Typographic bridge, 555 meters long, listed in the Russian Book of Records.

At the end of the tour, we will peep into the Pogrebok cell, where we are promised a tasting of original, not sold in stores light wines, spirits and juices made from fruits grown in the Kirzhel garden of Evgeny Fyodorov.

The tour includes a lunch break in the pretty Caramel Cafe, where there is a large selection of dishes.

We will also have time to visit the souvenir shop, after which we will go to Moscow.


For those who would like to extend their stay in the Russian province and get a new experience, we offer a choice of 2-day travel options.

Option 1. We leave Moscow on Friday, November 29 in the evening, in order to visit the estate of the manufacturer S. I. Dumnov in the village of Zarechye. There, the hospitable hostess Galina Maslennikova will offer us a Russian style dinner-meal and a Russian bathhouse, as well as overnight in the spacious rooms of a 19th-century house. Web site http://domdumnova.ru

The next day after breakfast, we’ll move to Kirzhach (half an hour drive) for a city tour, and in the evening after visiting the city, we’ll go back to Moscow.


Option 2. We arrive in Kirzhach in advance on Friday, November 29, in the evening and stay overnight, for example, in the Krasovskikh guest house-museum. Since 1854, the family of the doctor Krasovsky lived in this house. Evgeny Fyodorov has restored the house, while the architecture and interior of the house retained the features of that era, but were supplemented by a small number of modern elements. Here, antique furniture is elegantly combined with spectacular design solutions and each of the four hotel rooms has its own special style. Web site https://domkrasovskih.ru

For other accommodation options, go to booking.com

On Saturday, after breakfast, we will go on a tour of Kirzhach with Valeria Danilushkina.


Option 3. After a city tour of Kirzhach on Saturday, we can overnight in the village of Zarechye (40 km distance) at the Dumnov's estate, where we’ll have a Russian style lunch and the bathhouse. The next day after a delicious breakfast, we’ll have a guided tour of the estate and take a walk in the village, which also has a lot of attractions to see.

It will be possible to leave for Moscow immediately after  breakfast or may be after a hearty home dinner.


Option 4 (advanced). For the most active travelers, we have a very interesting continuation of our trip to Kirzhach.

After a tour of Kirzhach on Saturday evening, we will go to the ancient city of Aleksandrov (34 km from Kirzhach) and stop on our way to overnight in the popular Agrotourism Complex Dubrovka (13 km from Kirzhach). Hotel website https://hotel-dubrovka.ru

In Alexandrov, we'll go to the Alexander Kremlin and visit the Alexandrovskaya Sloboda Museum-Reserve in, where in the 16th century Ivan IV the Terrible and the Great Prince of Moscow and the first Russian Tsar lived and ruled the Russian state for more than 17 years.

In the evening on Sunday, December 1, we'll return to Moscow. The driving distance is 120 km if we take the Yaroslavl highway or 130 km if we take the Shchelkovsky highway.


How do we get to Kirzhach

(103 km driving distance from Moscow, travel time is about 2 hours and may depend on road traffic)

-  we can go by our cars and take fellow travellers with us. The  trip organizer can take 2-3 people to his car

- by bus from the bus station Shchelkovsky, departure from Moscow at 8:30, returns at 16:30 and at 18:00

If we are more than 10-12 people, then we could order a minibus (up to 17 people).


One-day trip itinerary

Departure from Moscow on Saturday, November 30 at 9:00 (time and place of boarding are discussed)

We need to arrive in Kirzhach by 11:00, when the reserved tour at the Museum of Copper and Brass starts.

Lunch break approximately from 13:30 to 14:30 (pre-order for the best price and service time is required)

Departure to Moscow (if by bus) at 16:30 or at 18:00.


1-Day trip travel expenses

- by car of a group member (companion) - by agreement

  • by bus (roundtrip) - 654 RUB
  • by minibus (with the number of passengers up to 17 people) - by agreement

Additional expenses in Kirzhach

1. City guide (2.5 hours) - by agreement (per group)

2. Tour of the Museum of copper and brass and the Museum of Arguns - 350 RUB per person.

3. Tasting exclusive wines in the Cellar of Evgeny Fyodorov (optional) - 500 RUB per person.

4. Lunch at the Caramel Cafe 

- 350 RUB for collective orders made 1 day before 

- for on-site orders on the menu, the average bill is 500 rubles.


2-Days tour additional expenses

1. Driving expences - by agreement

2. Overnight expences

The best option in Kirzhach - VIP-class lodging in the Krasovskikh guest house in Kirzhach (renovated by Evgeny Fedorov, stylized in the 19th century, only 4 exclusive rooms) - from 4800 RUB for 2 persons room

Website https://domkrasovskih.ru

Other bookings on https://booking.com

Overnight in Zarechye in the estate of the manufacturer Dumnov (renovated by Galina Maslennikova, stylization for the 19th century, only 10 rooms)

- with dinner and breakfast - from 3,500 rubles / person.

- with dinner, breakfast and lunch - from 4 000 rubles / person.

Russian bath (2 hours) - 800 rubles / person.


For trip details and booking call / WhatsApp +7 (916) 708-14-33 or write to vpribilevs@gmail.com


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