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Welcome to Russia!

Добро пожаловать в Москву!

Travelling around Russia with the family of Muscovites 

We'd like to offer:

- meeting you and seeing you off at the airport or at the railway terminal

- travelling with you around Moscow by our car or by public transport

- showing you the sights, going to the theatres and to interesting events with you

- travelling with you around Russia by our car or by public transport

- individual developing of your travel plan 

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Семья москвичей - ваш туристический помощник в Москве и в поездках по городам России  

- мы встречаем и провожаем наших гостей в аэропорту или на вокзале и помогаем с трансфером в гостиницу или на квартиру

- заботимся об экскурсионной, культурной и деловой программах

- ездим с гостями по Золотому кольцу и в другие города России 

план поездки мы создаём совместно с гостями 

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A two-day tour to Yaroslavl & Vyatskoye

Individual either Group Tour

You are invited to spend 1-2 days or a weekend in the ancient city of Yaroslavl, the pearl of the Golden ring of Russia, with a visit to the village of Vyatskoye, which has the title of the most beautiful village in Russia.

The city of Yaroslavl, founded in 1010 and located 250 km northeast of Moscow, is the heart of the Golden Ring of Russia, and it is the only old Russian city, the historical center of which is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In Yaroslavl, we expect a rich 4 hours driving + 2 hours walking author’s excursion program, which will lead Yegor Parfenkov, one of the best tour guides to Yaroslavl and the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia, world traveler, culturologist, scholar and a great storyteller, whom I know from my last year's tour to Yaroslavl.

We'll walk along the Volga and Kotorosl embankments, we'll see the Church of Elijah the Prophet, the Governor's Palace, the Church of the Nativity, the fortifications of the XVI century, the Arsenal and Znamenskaya towers, the Metropolitan chamber, the Assumption Cathedral, the St. Nicholas Chopped city,  the Church of the Savior on the Gorodu, the famous Volkov’s drama theatre and the Shopping arcades.

We’ll admire the most beautiful panorama of the city overlooking the Strelka (Arrow) foreland. We'll also see the Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery, the monuments to Afonya (Athos), Yaroslav the Wise, the Roaring Bear. We’ll come to the zero kilometer point of the Golden Ring of Russia.

And at last, we'll visit the only point of Yaroslavl, where you can see all 3 attractions depicted on the 1000 RUR bill.

In the suburbs of Yaroslavl we'll visit the Tolgsky nunnery, founded in 1314, where you can see the miraculous Tolgskaya icon of the Mother of God, one of the most revered images of the Holy Mother of God in.

Russia The village of Vyatskoye is an extraordinary village situated 36 km away from Yaroslavl. Vyatskoye, first mentioned in official record in 1502, was renovated in the early 2000s and today it has the status of "Historical and cultural complex Vyatskoye". 

The village now hosts more than a dozen museums and attracts tens of thousands tourists each year. In 2015, Vyatskoye won the first nationwide competition held by The Most Beautiful Villages in Russia, the Russian equivalent of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France association. 

Vyatskoye - a village of over a dozen museumsVyatskoye - a village of over a dozen museums

The world famous Russian opera diva Lyubov Kazarnovskaya has built her house in the village and with her help numerous cultural events are now organised in Vyatskoye.

During the 6 hours of stay in Vyatskoye we'll have time for a general sightseeing tour of Vyatskoye, as well as time to visit several museums (to choose from), and after that we'll have lunch in a chic restaurant-museum.

You'll be amazed looking into the archive of my photos of Vyatskoye.



We'll go to Yaroslavl in the early morning by the train Moscow-Yaroslavl №102Я, departure at 07:35 from Yaroslavskiy rail terminal.

As you prefer, you can either go with us for a one-day tour only and get acquainted with Yaroslavl, or continue your tour by going with us next day to an extraordinary village of Vyatskoye. Either, on your choice, the second day you could stay in Yaroslavl to visit museums and for more sightseeing of this beautiful city. 

We could return to Moscow the same day by the train Yaroslavl-Moscow №105Я.

If we stay for two-days wi'll return to Moscow next day by the same train Yaroslavl-Moscow №105Я. 

Please note. All excursions in Yaroslavl and Vyatskoye museums are conducted in Russian. The synchronous translation into English could be provided for a fee.

Tour itinerary

Day 1

07:15 - We meet in the long-distance train ticket offices hall of the Yaroslavskiy rail terminal, Metro Komsomolskaya.

As an option we could pick you up at the hotel and go to the rail terminal by taxi.

07:35 – Departure of the train Moscow-Yaroslavl №102Я.

10:57 – Arrival in Yaroslavl. Meeting with our travel guide.

11:15 – Bus tour to Tolgskiy monastery (6 km away from the city), monastery meal-break.

12:30 – Sightseeing bus tour of Yaroslavl and the suburbs (Church of St. Nicholas the Wet and Church of St. John the Baptist).

15:15 – Lunch in the cafe.

16:15 -18:15 – Guided walking tour of the city.

After the tour, free time for shopping and souvenirs and for dining in the cafe.

19:43 – If we stay for one-day we leave for Moscow by train Yaroslavl-Moscow №105Я.

Day 2

08:30 – Breakfast at the hotel or in a local cafe.

09:30 – Departure to Vyatskoye by taxi or minibus.

11:00 – Group tour around the village and museums visit (choice of 14 museums, booking in advance).

14:30 – Lunch at the restaurant-museum (booking in advance).

16:00 – Visit to the Toy museum or Kitchen machinery museum.

17:00 – Departure by taxi/minibus for Yaroslavl.

19:43 – Departure to Moscow by train Yaroslavl-Moscow №105YA.


Travel expenses

1) train tickets, round trip – 1 996 rubles.

2) 6-hour auto + walking tour of Yaroslavl and its suburbs (the guide – 6 hours and the driver – 4 hours):

– by minivan (up to 6 people) – 2 000 RUB/person (if all seats are occupied)* or 

– by minibus (up to 15 people) – 870 rubles/person (if all seats are occupied)*. 

* Expenses are shared among the attendees – the more seats are occupied, the less pays each attendee. We pay cash.


Additional expenses for the two-day group that goes to Vyatskoye 

1) a hotel room in Yaroslavl – from 1 900 RUB.

2) the roundtrip to Vyatskoye by taxi – 540 RUB/person (if all 3 seats are occupied)* 

or by minivan – 340 rubles/RUB (if all 6 seats are occupied)*.

* Expenses are shared among the attendees. We pay cash.

3) entrance fee to the museums of Vyatskoye, check here 


To buy train tickets you can go here http://tutu.ru. Choose the train at 07:35 "Moscow-Yaroslavl" №102Я and the return train at 19:43 "Yaroslavl-Moscow" №105Я the same day (1-day tour) or the same train next day (2-days tour).

The best hotel prices could be found hereChoose your hotel on the map and book a room.

Either have an option to book a hotel room through this link https://www.booking.com and get a reward of 900 RUB, as promised by the Booking dot com company.

In the case, if everybody don’t manage to book rooms at the same hotel, to have our group closer, I recommend you booking a room at the hotel in the area of the historic center and closer to the banks of the Volga and Kotorosl rivers.


If you want to join our tour, please call me or send me an email ASAP. I'll put you on the list of participants/attendees and give you further advice.

Phone/WhatsApp:  +7(916)708-14-33 (10 a.m. - 10 p.m. Moscow time), e-mail: request@visit.msk.ru

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