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Welcome to Russia!

Добро пожаловать в Москву!

Travelling around Russia with the family of Muscovites 

We'd like to offer:

- meeting you and seeing you off at the airport or at the railway terminal

- travelling with you around Moscow by our car or by public transport

- showing you the sights, going to the theatres and to interesting events with you

- travelling with you around Russia by our car or by public transport

- individual developing of your travel plan 

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Семья москвичей - ваш туристический помощник в Москве и в поездках по городам России  

- мы встречаем и провожаем наших гостей в аэропорту или на вокзале и помогаем с трансфером в гостиницу или на квартиру

- заботимся об экскурсионной, культурной и деловой программах

- ездим с гостями по Золотому кольцу и в другие города России 

план поездки мы создаём совместно с гостями 

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Tours to the XIX century Russian Manor & Museum in Zarechye

Galina Maslennikova, the granddaughter and the direct heiress of the Dumnovs' house of manufacturers, invites everyone to visit her Manor & Museum in the old Russian village Zarechye, located on the bank of the Sherna River in the Vladimir Region, at a distance of 80 km from Moscow.

Galina invites you to the preserved and restored with historical accuracy house of her grandfather, textile manufacturer Sergey Dumnov, and visit the only in Russia museum on the history of silk velvet weaving. 

Know more about the Manor & Museum in our Moscow Travel Guide


One day tour

On the tour you will learn about traditional Russian manufactures and crafts. You could participate in the only master class in Russia on velvet silk weaving onauthentic manually operated silk weaving machines of the XIX century.

You will be immersed in the world of the XIX century Russian manor, as well as be acquainted with the exhibition of author dolls and puppet compositions “The World of the XIX Century Russian Village”, made in Galina Maslennikova’s workshop “Russian Dolls.” 

You will be given tea from a samovar, which is drowned on pine cones, and will be treated to delicious cakes from the oven and homemade jam.

After the excursion around the manor you can stroll through the ancient village of Zarechye, where there are still many old houses decorated with the famous rich Argun's carvings, and visit the existing village church of the Icon of the Kazan Mother of God, built by the Dumnovs' brothers in the middle of the XIX century.

One day tour and staying overnight

A great option is to stay overnight, or even stay in the village for a day or two, to live in the authentic atmosphere of a XIX century manor. 

At the same time, you will have the opportunity to taste delicious soup and pies, buckwheat porridge with mushrooms, cooked in a Russian stove, drink tea from a samovar with fragrant herbs collected from the surrounding water meadows of the Sherna River, which flows nearby.

Those who stay for the night in the manor can take a steam bath in a real Russian bath on a wood with a birch broom and drink real Russian homemade fruit juice and berry tea.

Those interested can also take part in the master classes of:

- velvet silk weaving;

- cooking traditional Russian folk dishes, making homemade preparations and drinks;

- making national doll clothes.


According to the conclusion of the leading experts of the State Institute of Art, this house, adorned with rich Argun's carvings, is of considerable artistic and historical value and is included in the complex of houses still preserved in Zarechye, directly related to silk production and combining a residential and production function.


For those who stay for the night, on the second day we offer a sightseeing tour to the ancient Russian town of Kirzhach where you could visit the only Russian Museum of copper and brass, as well as the Museum of Argun's (masters of the production of famous Russian platbands) and the Kirzhachsky Holy Annunciation nunnery founded by Sergius of Radonezh in 1358.


For more details and booking call: phone/WhatsApp +7 (916) 708-14-33 (10 a.m. - 10 p.m. Moscow time) or send your email to: request@visit.msk.ru 

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