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Welcome to Russia!

Добро пожаловать в Москву!

Travelling around Russia with the family of Muscovites 

We'd like to offer:

- meeting you and seeing you off at the airport or at the railway terminal

- travelling with you around Moscow by our car or by public transport

- showing you the sights, going to the theatres and to interesting events with you

- travelling with you around Russia by our car or by public transport

- individual developing of your travel plan 

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Семья москвичей - ваш туристический помощник в Москве и в поездках по городам России  

- мы встречаем и провожаем наших гостей в аэропорту или на вокзале и помогаем с трансфером в гостиницу или на квартиру

- заботимся об экскурсионной, культурной и деловой программах

- ездим с гостями по Золотому кольцу и в другие города России 

план поездки мы создаём совместно с гостями 

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Being with us you won’t get lost in Moscow and you’ll succeed very much to do and see.

С нами вы не потеряетесь в Москве и успеете многое сделать и посмотреть.      

Personal travel assistance in Moscow and on trips around Russia

Are you going to visit Moscow for the first time or have not been in our capital for a long time? Do you travel on business or just want to see Moscow and other cities?

The family of Muscovites would like to offer you a personal travel assistance in Moscow, including a pick-up at the railway terminal or at the airport, assistance in moving around the city by public transport, by a personal car or on foot, building optimal routes, assistance in organising excursions, interesting leisure activities, participation in various events, as well as help with purchases and in solving business and household issues. At a minimum, we can offer you an interesting time, just walking with you in our wonderful city.

Travelling to other cities and places of interest in Russia is our passion and we'd like to show you the unique diversity of our great country. We can offer you the routes around Russia that we like the most, such as tours to St. Petersburg, Golden Ring and other cities and small towns.

We can develop new routes tailored to your interests and preferences.

We would be very pleased to communicate with you on Russian history, culture, national traditions and the way of life in our country.

We will try to make our communication pleasant, interesting and memorable. We are sure that you will take with you the most positive impressions about Russia.

See you soon in Moscow!


Contact Visit Moscow 

by WhatsApp:  +7(916)708-14-33 (10 a.m. - 10 p.m. Moscow time)

or send your direct request for a quote to request@visit.msk.ru 

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